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Families often reach out to us for one-on-one assistance in the realms of Executive Functioning, Test Prep, Parent Coaching and more. These digital course offerings provide a roster of concise, information-packed lessons that will help aid those who are wishing to sharpen their skills. These courses aim to empower families to take a hands-on approach to strengthening their foundation. The PDF courses are packed with tips, lesson plans, activities, and journaling exercises that will make the information easily applicable to one’s daily life. Audio lessons make it simple to listen and learn while completing other tasks throughout the day. See courses below, and check back for regular updates and new offerings.

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“The Remote School Survival Guide is a wonderful tool to help us all survive this crazy time we are in!  It gives a ton of information on planning, organizing and executing home school while balancing work and sanity!  What a gem!”

– Amy C., Chicago, IL

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