Tutoring Services

We have worked with kids of all ages, from elementary school students to college students. Whether your child simply needs homework support, is struggling to understand tricky content, or has lost all confidence in a particular subject, our tutoring services can help.

Types of Tutoring Offered


Strong reading skills empower students while fledgling skills make students feel insecure and left behind. We are proud to say that all of our students have eventually met and exceeded grade-level standards, and many of them have even developed a love of reading along the way.


Writing skills develop with practice and are fomented through strong critical thinking and grammar skills. We will help your student to develop every facet of the writing process so that they can begin to master this difficult but valuable skill.


So many students (and adults!) believe that they are not good at math. Since they do not feel confident in the subject, they tend to avoid it. Without practice, their performance suffers, and the cycle becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. With a little support, practice, and encouragement, however, we believe that all students can become wonderful mathematicians, and some of them even come to enjoy it.

Homework Support

Whether your child doesn’t understand or enjoy doing their homework or you don’t understand or enjoy doing their homework, we can help.

Study Skills

Studying, like anything else, is a skill that must be learned and practiced. We can help your student to cultivate the study habits necessary to get grades that fully demonstrate their capabilities.

Free Consultation

Hiring a professional to support your family in any capacity is an investment, so let’s have a conversation to see if we are a good fit. Through this initial conversation, we can determine how we can best collaborate in the service of your family.

Approach & Process

In a world of immediate gratification, adults and students alike have come to believe that hard things are not worth doing. The difficult truth is that learning is inherently uncomfortable, and it can be difficult to persevere through that discomfort.

By scaffolding difficult processes for students, we can help them to break down seemingly insurmountable tasks while encouraging and challenging them to do things that seem beyond their capabilities but are not.

Lindsay Zoeller tutoring a child in Chicago

How Tutoring Can Help

Through our work with students, we help them to develop the “growth mindset” and “grit” that are ubiquitous within the education community today. By developing a growth mindset, students come to believe that they are capable of overcoming challenges with hard work, that setbacks are not barriers to success, and that failure is not a reflection of capability.

Obviously, persevering through difficult tasks requires grit, which is the tenacity to keep trying in the face of hardship. When a subject, a teacher, or a particular class is difficult, these tools help students to do their best, regardless of their personal insecurities, weaknesses, or blind spots.

Our students have achieved their academic goals, have moved from academic probation to the honor roll, and have even reconsidered their feelings about their most hated subjects. All that stands between a student and a better outcome is a little confidence and a lot of hard work.

“My children’s results in school are a true testament to her patience, care, and dedication. Ms. Lindsay’s consistent methods and enthusiasm engage them and make it fun for them, while providing the knowledge and support they need. I highly recommend her services for any parent looking to find an exceptional tutor.”

– Nicolette N., Chicago, IL

Invest in Your Child

Hiring a professional to support your family in any capacity is an investment, so let’s have a conversation to see if we are a good fit. In this free consultation we will determine how our collaboration can best serve your family.

Do you feel like your child, and your family, need more than just tutoring? Please read more about my other services: Test Prep, Academic/Executive Function Coaching, Parent Coaching, and Online Tutoring.

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