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My 7th grader has been seeing a tutor via Zoom for about 4 months and it’s been a great experience. He looks forward to the weekly meetings, if you can believe it. He says he’s understanding things he never quite knew before. He feels like it is time well spent – and so do I. Lindsay interviewed me before assigning my child to a tutor, and she did a great job understanding my concerns and focus areas. I get updates from the tutor with quantitative and qualitative findings, as well as recommendations for modifications or updates to the study plan. Couldn’t be more pleased with Chicago Family Tutor.
Jacki Liautaud
Jacki L.
17:54 12 Feb 24
Maurice was extremely helpful for our son and gave us the confidence that he (our son) was ready for high school
Julie Nelson
Julie N.
14:26 10 Feb 24
A wonderfully well thought out process to create organization and accountability for both parents and students. This was very helpful for our incoming freshman
Kelley Malay
Kelley M.
20:33 16 Jan 24
Great experience with Chicago Family Tutor. Elizabeth has been a huge help to our high school student with executive functioning support and coaching.
Stephen Reed
Stephen R.
19:04 30 Jul 23
Before tutoring our daughter had wide a variance in her standardized test scores. While we know her to be the smartest kid ever 😊 it never seemed to get represented in her scores. Betsy really helped her develop test taking skills and to become mindful of the way she took tests. Our daughter is now more confidently scoring at the top of her range, thanks Betsy!
Seth M
Seth M
23:53 30 Apr 23
Elizabeth is incredible. She has built an amazing rapport with my daughter (14yo) and is beyond helpful to her (and exceptionally communicative with me).Her support and enthusiasm has truly been a tremendous lift to my daughter’s confidence and execution at school.We are so grateful for her!
Carrie Goesel
Carrie G.
17:55 01 Feb 23
We worked with The Chicago Family Tutor, specifically Ashley Dodson,to help prepare my daughter for the Catholic HSPT and I could not have been more impressed with the service we received. Ashley was incredibly knowledgeable about the test and the strategies she shared went beyond the typical standardized test-taking strategies and were specific to the test at hand. My daughter’s confidence grew with each meeting and she walked away from each hour session feeling like she learned new things (strategies) that she had never been exposed to before. We did both in person and remote lessons (about 6 in total) and Ashley was equally effective in both formats. I have used other tutors in the past and my daughter had done a group lesson at a popular company for the CPS test. The difference between those services and the value we got from Ashley was very immense. I highly recommend Ashley and The Chicago Family Tutor–they are leaders in their field.
Nicole Gable
Nicole G.
14:58 28 Jan 23
We have had a wonderful experience with the Chicago Family Tutor company and interactions with Lindsay and Betsy! My daughter recently took the assessment for the gifted regional center middle school programs, working with Betsy weekly, for the past few months. Seeing my daughter walk up to me with a big grin on her face after the test was worth all the had work she had done to prepare with Betsy. She felt confident going into the test and excited about how she did after. Betsy did a wonderful job in preparing her for what to expect, worked with her on practice tests and guides to help her throughout the process. I would highly recommend working with Lindsay and her team for your testing and tutoring needs!
Janie Howell
Janie H.
14:57 18 Jan 23
Lindsay has been are favorite tutor! She has been working with my daughters over the last several years. She is extremely professional and flexible as our schedule is ever changing with activities. She brings so much enthusiasm and dedication to each and every session. We feel so fortunate to have found her and our girls are thriving academically because of her support!
Colwell Ryan
Colwell R.
14:32 02 Jun 22
The Chicago Family Tutor in a short amount of time helped me learn tactical adjustments I can make to my every day life to improve my executive functioning, maintain focus, and be more organized. The sessions had clear objectives and Betsy was a great coach. I would highly recommend this team!
Matthew Tucker
Matthew T.
02:29 06 May 22
Lindsay has been a great resource for me. I came to her looking for help with my executive functioning skills namely organization and time management. Not only has she been great in helping me to develop processes that allow me to be more productive but also in my overall mindset.
Forrest Eikenburg
Forrest E.
12:16 04 Feb 20
Lindsay is an incredible role model for my children. She has been involved with my girls from the beginning and remains a very important piece to our family. I have never met anyone like Lindsay in respect to her ability to naturally build relationship with such ease with any personality type. Her positivity is infectious and I love that my girls thrive from their time with Lindsay. I couldn’t be happier with the many developmental skills they have learned from her!!
Kristy Stec
Kristy S.
17:17 10 Jul 19
Lindsay is an amazing person who helped my children establish strong work habits at an early age. I highly recommend her!
nina albazi
nina A.
18:41 11 Jun 19
Janet Scanlon
Janet S.
02:06 11 Jun 19
She is a joy for both the student and the parent! My daughter enjoyed working with her for test prep and requested her a year and a half later when we moved back to Chicago and wanted a tutor for subject-specific course work. In both cases we saw results.
Kara Wright
Kara W.
17:02 10 Jun 19
Lindsay has been coming into our home and tutoring our oldest daughter for 5 years now. The confidence that has developed in her is amazing! There are no longer any tears- only smiles! Lindsay has also been working with our youngest daughter- and the results are the same! I am so thankful to Lindsay for all she has done and continues to do for our girls! She is the best!
Amy Cortis
Amy C.
23:32 01 May 19
Andrew Konicek
Andrew K.
13:54 30 Apr 19
Lindsay has been with us for 5 years……or so. She is always professional, prompt, smart and extremely pleasant. We have utilized Lindsay’s services in a few ways. First, we hired her to help our bright but completely disorganized son get organized. She took him school supply shopping and they developed a method that worked best for our son. Second, we asked Lindsay to help our son test prep for high school admittance. Our son did get a perfect score on his High school admittance test. And now, we have asked Lindsay to help our son again test prep for college AND tutor our 12 year old daughter who needs help test taking.Lindsay has been an investment…….a ‘well worth it’ investment. Thank you Lindsay.
Bridget Davis
Bridget D.
22:25 25 Apr 19
Noelle Mundt
Noelle M.
20:58 25 Apr 19
Lindsay was wonderful with all three of my children-I’d highly recommend her.
ken cominek
ken C.
20:45 25 Apr 19
My daughter absolutely adores Lindsay and we have had the pleasure of working with her for several years. Her enthusiasm, expertise and sheer joy in what she does truly has an incredible effect on the children and families she works with.
Kate Kasprzak
Kate K.
19:23 25 Apr 19
Lindsay has been working with my daughter for several months. I have seen a sginificant improvement in her academics, as well as confidence, simply by reading the most recent report card and weekly updates from teachers. Lindsay has encouraged my daughter to advocate for herself, reach out to teachers when necessary, and has also taught her great resources on how to take a step back and handle academic frustration. Furthermore, I too have benefitted greatly from our time together as it is an opportunity for me to figure out ways I can help myself in order to help my 11 year old. With Lindsay’s help, I have set personal goals, goals for O. and goals for our family, all of which have had a tremendously positive impact on our daily lives. I know that Lindsay will be an integral part of our home for years to come. I feel supported knowing that I can bounce off ideas or frustrations with Lindsay when it comes to raising a tween girl with ADHD. I couldn’t do this without her help!
Jen Perez
Jen P.
19:06 25 Apr 19
Lindsay is a very knowledgable teacher expertise in her field, making learning a fun experience, thank you so much for your support for my teenage boy especially when he was totally over warm by Chicago High School testing, resources you provide for practice really helped!
Puja Gupta
Puja G.
03:27 28 Feb 19
Julie Ludwick
Julie L.
21:51 25 Feb 19
Lindsay is a fantastic tutor. She has been a wonderful resource for my high school aged daughter’s scholastic development. Not only have we benefited from improved focus and engagement with schoolwork, but grades have shown noticeable and sustained improvement. Really appreciate Lindsay not shutting her services off once she walks out the door – from time to time Lindsay has made herself available for check-ins or to help put some extra oomph into an essay or project.
adam cummis
adam C.
19:26 25 Feb 19
Lisa Guillot
Lisa G.
22:13 14 Feb 19
Lindsay became a part of our family from the time my oldest was 3 months old. She is kind, patient and truly loves children and families!
Rochelle Adkinson
Rochelle A.
21:09 14 Feb 19
Lindsay provides great insight and support! She is very knowledgeable and has provided me many tips and suggestions for encouraging my young reader!
Elizabeth Foley
Elizabeth F.
17:09 13 Feb 19
Lindsay is an outstanding tutor. She exudes confidence and professionalism. Since My 11-year old son has started working with her, he has more confidence in his work and his grades on tests have increased. Not only does she help with homework and test prep, she coaches him in executive functioning which helps him navigate, and multi-task successfully in a challenging 6th grade environment. She can tackle any challenges in all subjects, including writing, reading, math, science as well as problem solving and cancelling though social issues. She is a true gem. My boys light up when she walks in the room. So do I! -Amy M
Amy Shirar Malelo
Amy Shirar M.
17:00 13 Feb 19

I started working with Jane* when she was a freshman in high school. As a student with ADHD, she struggled to stay organized, take initiative and remain focused. However, her greatest obstacles were her lack of confidence and the limiting beliefs that she held about herself.

Jane’s parents reached out to me when she was placed on academic probation at her competitive high school. They feared that switching schools might be the only option for her academic success.

Over the next three years, Jane and I worked together to help her develop the skills that she needed to not only keep up with a rigorous curriculum at her school, but to thrive as she did so.

Jane never did have to switch schools.

With my help and as the result of her own commitment to herself, she got the grades and test scores (she improved her ACT score by 9 points under my tutelage) she needed to be admitted to her dream college.

She decided to study psychology so that she could help and support students who struggle with challenges similar to those she had faced.

*name has been changed to protect student’s privacy

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