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We believe in supporting and guiding families as they raise strong, independent, confident kids who succeed in the classroom and beyond.

Our Philosophy

At The Chicago Family Tutor, we provide structure, routine, and support while encouraging students to move beyond their comfort zone so that they can see just how smart, powerful, and capable they truly are.

Research has shown that authoritative parenting, characterized by high demands and high responsiveness, is the most beneficial for kids. This is the approach that we take with our students. We have high expectations, but we provide the support, guidance, and praise necessary to sustain these expectations and to help students achieve them.

Get to Know Our Team of Experts

Meet the tutors who will be working with you.

Lindsay Zoeller, Owner & Founder of The Chicago Family Tutor
Betsy Gleinser, Tutor & Executive Function Coach

Betsy Gleinser

Literacy and Language Teacher,
Executive Function Coach
Megan Utne, tutor and executive function specialist

Megan Utne

Math Enthusiast, Young Adult Educator,
Executive Function Coach
Eileen Nordmeyer, academic coach

Eileen Nordmeyer

Academic and
Executive Function Coach

Maurice Wright, tutor at The Chicago Family Tutor

Maurice Wright

Test Prep, Mathematics,
Executive Function Coach

Elizabeth Sorice

LCSW, Tutor,
Executive Function Coach
Joshua Shuster, tutor at The Chicago Family Tutor

Joshua Shuster

Executive Function Coach

Ashley Dodson, tutor at The Chicago Family Tutor

Ashley Dodson

Tutor, Educator,
Executive Function Coach

Prepared for Today's World

Hiring a professional to support you or your family in any capacity is an investment, so call us for a FREE consultation to see if we are a good fit.

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Invest in Your Child

Hiring a professional to support your family in any capacity is an investment, so let’s have a conversation to see if we are a good fit. In this free consultation we will determine how our collaboration can best serve your family.

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