Online Tutoring & Coaching Services

Life is busy, and it can be difficult to find the time for academic support in students’ busy schedules. This is where online tutoring comes in.

Child participating in an online tutoring session with her mother

How Online Tutoring & Coaching Differs from In-Person

Working together online allows more freedom and flexibility than in-person tutoring, and it is a great way to show students that help is just an email or a Google search away.

Through this service, weI can help students effectively improve upon their math, English, reading, and writing skills. This arrangement carries the additional benefit of providing students a greater sense of autonomy and it helps them to learn how to navigate the internet as a resource.

Online tutoring is a wonderful option for busy students in 4th grade and over.

Approach & Process


Fill out the online form.


Phone Consultation with Tutor.


Setup Lessons/Schedule.

“My daughter’s academic performance has improved dramatically as a result of Lindsay’s tutoring – and she enjoys working with Lindsay so much. It’s such a pleasure hearing them laughing together during their sessions – what a difference from what happens when I try to help her with her homework!”

– Brigid M., Madison, WI

Invest in Your Child

Hiring a professional to support your family in any capacity is an investment, so let’s have a conversation to see if we are a good fit. In this free consultation we will determine how our collaboration can best serve your family.

Do you feel like your child, and your family, are better suited for in-person services? Please read more about our other services: TutoringTest Prep, Academic/Executive Function Coaching, and Parent Coaching.

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