Parent Coaching

We have a track record of success with our students.  Through Parenting Coaching, we help parents to cultivate the tools necessary to get the same positive results.

What is Parent Coaching?

Parenting can be hard, and it is easy to slip into bad habits. Once bad habits take root, it can be very difficult to change direction.

Parent Coaching can help.

Through this work, we hold parents accountable as they identify and change the habits that no longer serve or support their family.

Some of the ways that we do this include:

  • Supporting and guiding parents as they identify and articulate their desired outcomes
  • Encouraging parents to specify their values and to reflect upon their parenting practices in light of their goals and values
  • Increasing parents’ awareness about their own thoughts and behaviors while also exploring more productive options for parents to model for their students
  • Offering parents consultation and helping them to brainstorm options when they aren’t sure what to do next

Approach & Process

Kids emulate their parents so you are always setting an example for them. 

It’s a powerful thing to model self-improvement and personal growth for your children. Parent Coaching gives parents the opportunity to take responsibility for their own behaviors by addressing some of the aspects of home life that may seem unrelated but that inevitably affect their children.

As parent coaches, we serve as sounding-boards, offering feedback, direction, and accountability. These conversations are directed by parents and are a direct reflection of their own goals and values. Every solution is tailor-made to fit the family.

The Benefits

Positive outcomes with students are not reliant upon parental collaboration, but it certainly does help.

Through Parent Coaching, we have helped numerous parents cultivate a whole new way of being that has inspired their children and brought more joy and ease into their relationships and their lives.

“With Lindsay’s help, I have set personal goals, goals for O. and goals for our family, all of which have had a tremendously positive impact on our daily lives. I know that Lindsay will be an integral part of our home for years to come. I feel supported knowing that I can bounce off ideas or frustrations with Lindsay when it comes to raising a tween girl with ADHD. I couldn’t do this without her help!”

– Jen P., Chicago, IL

Invest in Your Child

Hiring a professional to support your family in any capacity is an investment, so let’s have a conversation to see if we are a good fit. In this free consultation we will determine how our collaboration can best serve your family.

Do you feel like your child, and your family, need more than just parent coaching? Please read more about our other services: TutoringTest Prep, Academic/Executive Function Coaching, and Online Tutoring.

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