Executive Functioning Coaching for Adults

Productivity, Organization, Time-Management and Forming Habits Conducive to Success

Through this tailored coaching approach, with an emphasis on strengthening Executive Functioning skills for adults, we assist clients in building the necessary set of tools to inspire positive advancement in their daily lives in the realm of organization, time management, productivity, and forming more efficient habits.

What Does Coaching Entail?

Adults who seek our support in strengthening their Executive Functioning skills frequently mention feeling overwhelmed, in need of more effective time management skills, or simply extra help in accomplishing their long-term goals.

Our process is to pinpoint the client’s goals and create a sequence of foundational habits that will feed directly into their objectives. Through a backward planning method, we will gain momentum to snow-ball towards positive transformation. We will work together to increase confidence, competence, efficiency, and calmness in everyday life.

Success comes from transforming the small habits of each day. Our work together will give each client the necessary tools to improve these daily habits and generate long-term progress. The end result is for a stronger skill set around organization, productivity, time management, and reaching their goals.

Executive Functioning Coaching for Adults

Some of the Ways We Do This Include:

Want to become more productive? Have an accountability partner!

Approach & Process

Executive functioning skills tailored to adults who need support with organization, time-management, productivity, are a necessity when aiming for a life that is both externally productive and internally fulfilling.

Clients who seek out assistance in these ways often list the ways that they regularly feel overwhelmed, struggle with time management, and internalize residual discouragement after not accomplishing things in the manner in which they assume is the “correct” way.

Through our process, we prefer to challenge clients to approach the process with eagerness and positivity. Rather than opening the discussion with perceived flaws, we encourage the client to share their idealized version of life that will exist upon successful completion of our consultation. Does the client envision a more constructive and fruitful professional life? Perhaps a healthier relationship with their family and loved ones, or finally reaching their personal goals for health. Each individual has varying visions for a prosperous future, though recurring themes are often present: dreams of increased confidence, competence, productivity, and internal peace.

The process is to identify the client’s goals and develop a series of cornerstone habits that feed directly into this objective. What is the next smallest thing that can be done to move towards this goal? Through backward planning, we will together establish the necessary steps to gain momentum to snow-ball towards successful change.

Ultimately, there is no evergreen approach, nor magic bullet that will attain success. Rather, it comes down to the small and medium-sized decisions that we make each and every single day. We will work with each client to reconstruct daily life, which will pave the way for long-term progress, and a paradigm shift in the lives of each client.

The Benefits of Executive Function Coaching

Through this program, we have successfully helped clients restructure their daily lives and habits to usher in a more organized, intentional, and flourishing lifestyle. The goal is to remove the roadblocks that often hinder success, and establish new habits that support a peaceful and organized approach to each day.

The individual might have an idea of what they want in life: to become organized, thrive at work, have high-functioning relationships, and to accomplish specific long-term goals. Many adults may believe it harmfully hinders them from success in these areas. Through a holistic consultation, we will establish a tailored plan to construct a system of new habits and executive functioning skills for everyday life.

“Lindsay has been a great resource for me. I came to her looking for help with my executive functioning skills namely organization and time management. Not only has she been great in helping me to develop processes that allow me to be more productive but also in my overall mindset.”

– Forrest F., Chicago, IL

Invest in Yourself

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