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Does everyone have ADHD?

Does everyone have ADHD?

Table of Contents Understanding the Spectrum of Executive Functioning Have you ever wondered if everyone might have ADHD at some point in their lives? Of course, everyone experiences trouble focusing or difficulty regulating emotions from time to time. However, a diagnosis is reserved for those who have struggled consistently, often from childhood, and who have …

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Gratitude and Executive Functioning

This week, I find myself pondering the concept of gratitude. Of course, this is the perfect time of year to give thanks, regardless of how you celebrate the holiday. But gratitude isn’t just important on Thanksgiving. It is beneficial every day because gratitude is good for both your mental health AND your executive functioning.   Correlation …

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Keeping kids on track academically

Small Ways to Keep Your Kids On Track This Year

This school year has, undoubtedly, been unlike any you have experienced before. Regardless of whether your kids are in-person, hybrid, or remote, there is a good chance you’ve undertaken a variety of these options this year. And it’s probably driving you crazy. So here are three things that you and your family can do to …

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What I’ve Learned From the Pandemic

Every single one of my blog posts this year has started with an acknowledgment that 2020 has been a hard year. Regardless of our individual circumstances or the relativity of our suffering, this year has challenged us all. Personally, there have been moments when it’s all felt unbearable, and there have been just as many …

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