How to Embrace a Slower Pace for the Holiday Weekend

As the holiday weekend rolls in, families around the country have made plans to unwind and spend time with one another. This weekend is often characterized by outside time, barbecues, and trading office work for moments of connection. 

Of course, disconnecting from work and responsibilities is far easier said than done. After what was perhaps a busy workweek, it can feel daunting to truly shift our focus away from emails and meetings. If you’re goal-oriented and prefer to measure your productivity in literal, tangible terms, a weekend of pure relaxation may seem bizarre. 

If you’re in this position, try looking at things from a new perspective. In order to perform at our highest capacity, we must embrace relaxation as a necessary component in our success. While it may feel as if you’re putting a pause on your goals, recognize that burning through the midnight oil on too many occasions will inevitably lead to a feeling of burnout. If you operate on an empty tank, your work will ultimately suffer in quality. So in your moments of relaxation, recognize the benefits of slowing down. 

“In your moments of stillness, lean into the additional time you have for reflection, journaling, and diving into heartfelt conversations.”

This of course doesn’t mean that you need to force yourself to relax in a way that doesn’t feel natural for you. Some people love to embark into nature, and love the opportunity of having extra time to spend outside. Others may sink into the couch and catch up on their favorite shows, or binge watch a collection of their favorite movies. Whatever you enjoy the most, feel free to use the time to reflect and re-set. Do a quick pulse check on your own life, schedule, and goals. Are you feeling aligned? As you rest and reflect, do you notice any feelings that may have been sitting under the surface? In your moments of stillness, lean into the additional time you have for reflection, journaling, and diving into heartfelt conversations.

Ultimately, the holidays provide the unique opportunity for us to take a pause. While it may feel difficult to truly disconnect from the fast-paced nature of your work life, know that your moments of relaxation allow you to operate at your fullest capacity once you get back into the swing of things. 

Happy holiday weekend!

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